In this game the player has to harness the power of the apocalypse by battling against the zombies to survive, or else be torn apart by the walking dead; it is the last war! In this battle which is against the zombies only the strongest will live to see another

This game involves a few space ships that had crept into the earth orbit without a warning. There is the loss of communication via the satellite and this puts the world at peril and the survivors must use guerilla tactics to fight in the ensuing war. The player is required

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Battle Beach Cheat The battle beach is one of the most popular games available on the internet. It can easily be downloaded and played on android, iOS gadgets and various other platforms. The description of the game is as such: you have been given a mission to restore the law

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Donut Haze Game Donut Haze is a 3-mach type game mainly played using Face book which is played with donuts which may make the players hungry. The player will help Happy and Delicious Donut characters with the belief to save the world which is getting polluted by the evil Ovens.