Hexavoid Hack and Strategy

You’ve played Hexavoid with some tips, haven’t you? If you are a novice gamer, you will definitely be confused struggling with RPG game. It may be so hard to conquer. On this occasion, we will discuss Hexavoid Cheat. It makes you be increasingly challenged in this RPG gameplay. As we know that the Hexavoid is one genre of real-time strategy game. It also has a touch of the trading game card. The game made by Supercell is indeed able to steal the attention of many gamers because of the graphics and the pattern of the game. To be able to conquer it, you can use the trick that you may rarely know.

The main problem of a real-time strategy game is a slow internet connection. In the preparation phase, make sure your connection is stable in a 3G connection or 4G HSDPA. It is because as we know that the Hexavoid round lasts 3 minutes. If your connection is paused for 10 seconds, the chances of your enemies to fight will be bigger. Consequently, the opportunity for you to win will be little. There are a few Hexavoid Cheat and tricks in arranging the battle deck. However, one thing that must be considered is the average of Elixir, and the total troops brought. It is commonly called Average Elixir Cost circuitry that can be easily checked in the top right corner. The ideal average of Elixir is 3 or 4 bars. Clash Royale Free Gems Hack

Hexavoid Gameplay

Many gamers raise the number of troops by opening a wide chest in regards to getting the card as much as possible. This will obviously be a slight disadvantage because the luck plays a role here. Make a donation at the Clan also the fastest step to get the card and considered better than having to Open Chest or using Hexavoid Cheat.

The most appropriate initial strategy without Hexavoid Cheat is to focus on attacking the guard tower to maintain the integrity of the tower itself. However, if the enemy tower is destroyed in less than 1 minute, you can focus on a tower king as instant winning strategy. However, if your tower and enemy tower are destroyed in less than 1 minute, you can analyze the potential of the enemy. After that, you can focus yourself to keep the base of tower guards followed circuitry assault with a note if there are many enemy forces.