Mobile Game Cheat for Beginner!

For beginner players who are currently playing Clash Royale, instead of using to increase the number of gems, try to read this article because of the following we will describe some tips that can play Clash Royale in an honest way. If the reader is now already in the arena 5 or more, it does not need to read this article. Has reached the arena 5 or more have indicated that you are a player who is already experienced.


To note, gold is an important resource in the game Clash Royale. Besides gems, gold is important because it can be used to buy cards and can upgrade cards. For that, it’s good that we use gold wisely. This is one of the first legal that we must know. Furthermore, we can upgrade our troops to get more the same card. This we can do if we have a lot of cards from one army. However, be sure to upgrade the troops that we use today, not all of them. The next legal tip that we can apply is to make sure to choose wisely who will we play cards. If we choose to play with cards that cost, then the power that would be generated would be less. Source (8 Ball Pool Hack )


Let penetrated into the next legal tips. If we wish to distract the opponent and it turns out they use a larger card, then we can choose to use the skeleton. There are a number of types of skeletons in this game, and they proved to be a very nice distract attention prior to a larger card. To fight it, we could use the elixir and then our bigger card will take over the Tower. We can also choose to launch an attack first. However, be sure to look at the strategies used opponent and wait. This we do to save the amount of elixir that will be needed in the next second. We should also wait until the new elixir fully charged and then attack. We can be sure it will help us win the battle. To get gems and manipulate the way the system is not difficult because there are many online sites that will help us achieve this goal.


However, by choosing to use a legal game  as mentioned previously, the fun game for the beginner player could begin. Another thing to note is associated with a spell. The strategy that we can apply to this is to use the spells as often as possible. Select and use spell correctly and wisely to be able to get the expected results. For example, a freeze arena’s spell that can be used to freeze everything and gave us time to get some elixir and choose another card to play. In addition to spells, notice when we use the giant. Remember that our opponent would discard a number of cards that can kill our giant. Therefore, always remember another card to divert attention from opponents.