Winning Battle without Apnana Cheat

Playing ApNana to beat your opponent is easy enough. The most important thing is you already know the precise strategy of ApNana. If you already know the strategy of this game, you easily can defeat any opponent there and most importantly, your own dexterity. The powerful strategy is to attack the enemies after they attack you. After your deck has been awakened powerfully, you need not attack them first. The purpose of this waiting is to maintain the tower that you have from enemy attack. If you are successful in surviving without ApNana cheat, you just get a chance to be able to counterattack. Besides, this strategy can be used to measure how strong your opponent and also to know which enemy card used. By analyzing the expected opponent, you can use attack techniques well later.


It will be fun if you are lucky in this game. You could retaliate by using the remaining elixir owned. Make sure also that you do not rush to take action. The higher arena means, the stronger enemy and hard to deal with. Therefore, it takes patience to make you sure that you are really ready to fight the enemies. To make you getting an absolute victory in every game without ApNana cheat, you have to use a high-level card. The goal is to be able to defeat any opponent with ease easily. Therefore, you need to upgrade the card regularly while you have the chance. Be sure to upgrade all equipment fighting forces, buildings, and spells that you need to upgrade. By doing it, the opportunity to win the battle against the enemy is widely opened.

Next, you need to pay attention the use of gems wisely. We already know that the gems aim to speed up the upgrade process owned through a process of opening the chest. When you speed up the upgrading card, your ApNana automatically is leveling up, and even you have more powerful cards. Besides, gems are useful to buy chest, Gold, and cards available in the Shop. Therefore, the proper use of gems is useful for winning a battle in the ApNana game easily without ApNana cheat. A surefire strategy for defeating the enemy is by completing each mission there or achievements. This will help you winning every battle. When you complete a mission, you will have gems that can be utilized for a certain magical need such as to open the chest.