Winning the Game without the Help of Pokemon Sun Moon

Pokemon Sun is quite a trend among gamers, especially for those who already familiar with Clash of Clans s its predecessor. This Supercell’s game becomes a conversation. It is because this game is even simpler than Clash of Clans. To gain the victory in Pokemon Sun is quite difficult although you use Pokemon Sun cheat. As discussed earlier, to win the game, you have to put your troops and destroy the opponent’s Crown Tower and Castle.

The first Pokemon Sun tips that you should know is how to survive. Fairly easy, at every beginning of the game, you just have to wait for your enemy to use the card first. Each card has definite advantages and disadvantages. For that, you have to prepare all antidotes of cards. The examples are Musketeer, The Archers, or Minion Horde to overcome the enemy air like Baby Dragon or Balloon. Then for Prince, Giant, and Hog Rider, they can be overcome by Minion Horde or Barbarians. Spell cards are also useful to kill crowds of troops or be the last weapon to injure the building. Building card is also quite useful to outwit the card that has the building as the target orientation such as Giant and Hog Rider. If you do not learn this Pokemon Sun moon cheat , you will definitely be overwhelmed to win although you use Pokemon Sun moon hack.

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A case in point, you use 10 Elixir for summoning Barbarian and Witch in the left lane. If the enemy is using Prince in the right lane and the rest of the Elixir is used to kill all your soldiers with Fireball spell in the left lane, then the result, you will lose 1 Crown Tower in the right.

The next Pokemon Sun tip is to recognize any existing card. There are 3 types of cards: Troops, Buildings, and Spell. Each card requires Elixir to be used. To win, you need to know how many Elixirs used by opponents when they use multiple cards at once. If they run out of Elixir, that’s your chance to counterattack. Do not forget to think about the use of Elixir of card that you use. For example, when the enemy uses Prince and Musketeer (10 Elixir) to attack one lane, and you just use the Barbarian and Spear Goblins (7 Elixir) to hold both of them, then you will lead 3 Elixir for a counterattack. With this set of efficient Elixir, certainly, you will win the game without the help of Pokemon Sun cheat.